Questions in a Bank vs Project

Jun 12, 2015

I have imported question from my project into a quiz bank. I had over 150 question broken into three quizzes where they are able to have multiple attempts at the question then I pulled all 150 questions into a quiz bank where I want the learner to be test on 50 questions at random where they only have one attempt and it is graded. When I edit the number of attempts in my quiz bank to 1 it changes the number of attempts in my quiz in the project. Is there any way to change one quiz without it affecting the other?

Thank you,


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Sharon Huston

Heidi, I had to a similar setup recently.  My solution would be to have four separate quiz banks.  Three with you mini quizzes, and one with your 150-question quiz.  It isn't hard to set up since Storyline lets you import questions from other quiz banks.  Then you can change the settings for each bank individually.

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