Audio and action out of sync on playback, even after publishing

Oct 09, 2013

I have been finding that there is often a slight lag between the audio and the action when previewing a slide within Storyline, although this issue is always corrected by clicking the refresh button on the player.  Although this sounds very minor, it actually causes a big issue for me because I have the characters and actions animated to move with the dialogue and it looks funny if they are out of sync.  Even worse than this, sometimes the audio will actually get clipped when the slide is set to advance automatically, even though I have a half-second pad built into the beginning and end of every audio clip before the slide ends.  I thought that this issue would be corrected when the projects were published but that is not the case.

Does anyone know of any way to correct this issue, as asking people to continually refresh the slides is really not an option.

I tried to search the forum database to see if there are any threads mentioning this issue but the search function does not seem to be working and every query returns, "No items matching your search were found", even when I tried searching for single words that are within the titles of recent posts that are right at the top of the list! 

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Mel Ruth

It's not really something that is happening on any one of my projects - it happens on all of them.  I didn't think it was within the .story file, though, I thought it was something within the program itself or just how it is performing on my system (I get lots of weird "quirks" within Storyline, which I attributed to the fact that I'm running it through Fusion on my MacbookPro).  I have never paid exact attention to when and how it happens because I didn't think it would happen in the final output but we are finally testing some of our content online and it is happening there, too.  I will try to record a screencast of it to show you and will send it through the link you sent.

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