Audio and Timeline correspoondence

Oct 30, 2023

I have an audio with a scale (noted down), in which the notes change their color the moment the timeline reaches the corresponding cue point. Thus, my students learn to combine the visual of the quarter note with the sounding tone.  To make this possible I combined various triggers and variables so that the notes only change their states (i.e. that the timeline restarts) if the play-button is pressed. But now the audio isn't working anymore! Neither in the preview nor when I publish the slide. But in the editor everything is fine.

Here's what I did:

- variable that makes the notes change their state at a cuepoint if a variable is true.

- trigger that audio is played once marker 1 is pressed

- trigger that variable is changed to "true" once marker 1 is pressed

- trigger to jump to the same slide once marker 1 is pressed (resume to initial state).

It would be great if someone knew how to deal with this! Maybe my trigger-variable-strategy is all wrong...

Thanks in advance!


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Jose Tansengco

Hello Verena,

Thanks for reaching out!

It would be much easier for the community to help out if you could share a copy of the project that you're working on so we can review how you setup your triggers. 

Would you be willing to share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case for testing? We'll delete it when we're done!

Michael Gallagher

Hi Verena,

I can't explain why the audio didn't play. I changed the approach to how the slide functions. For starters, I created a Variable called "Klarinette_in_B_Viewed". I added a Trigger to Pause The Timeline when the Slide Starts if  "Klarinette_in_B_Viewed" = false. I added another trigger to set "Klarinette_in_B_Viewed" = true when the timeline ends. Then, I added Triggers to the "Press to play!" button that do the following:

Resume the timeline if "Klarinette_in_B_Viewed" = false

Jump to slide: this slide if "Klarinette_in_B_Viewed" = true

I also reinserted the audio clip to the timeline and deleted the one you had in the timeline.

Look at slide 1.2 in the attachment.

Verena Mogl, Netzwerk 4.0

Hi Michael, thanks for your help! I changed the file according to your suggestiongs - they do make a lot of sense..

But strange.! so the audio played on your computer? ..So I guess the problem is related to these audio-problems I keep having:

- once I included an audio with a trigger, it doesn't play in the preview - unless i erase the trigger.

I tried all kinds of things to get rid of this problem, but nothing worked.

Hm. But thanks again though!


Jose Tansengco

Hi Verena, 

I found that simply disabling this trigger allowed the audio to play properly in the slide. 

Would you mind checking this on your end to see if it works for you? I also added a few triggers to control the sync of the notes animation and the audio at the start of the timeline. Here's a sample published output of your course with the changes above applied for your reference, and I've also attached an edited version of your course.

Let me know if this works for you!