audio and video wot load

Apr 17, 2017

so i was able to take a break from SL2. there has been a couple of updates since i last used it.  now when i try to load audio and video files i have issues. 

for audio files i used NaturalSoft text to speak software that i have used many times in the past with no issues.  now when i load an audio, the little speaker shows but there is no audio file. 

also, when i try to load video files, they dont load at all. i typicall use Windows media files or MP4. which i have used many times in the past with no major issues.  but now it wont load at all.    have tried uninstalling the software, runing the SL2 registry clear file. cycling power on laptop and trying to reinstall. this did absolutely no good.  i am running Windows 10, before i was running Windows7.   and i have a coworker that also uses the SL2 software that still has W7 and he has the same issues. i need this fixed ASAP as my next project is very audio and video heavy.   


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Scott,

Thanks for letting us know what's going on. It sounds like you've tried troubleshooting on your own with no luck, so I'm glad you reached out here for help. I've opened a support case for you (01056837) so we can look into this further. Our Support Engineers are available 24/7, and they'll be in touch with you shortly!

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