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Jul 31, 2020

Hi, I was able to insert an audio button today, my first one!

How do I change it so that it acts more as a player where the student can pause, rewind, or pause, move forward? And is there any way to show the exact time along with audio? So a person can re-listen to part of what is being heard without having to start at the beginning?

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Joe Dey

Hi Gregorio

Like most things in Storyline there is a number of ways you can achieve a task.  Your scenario is no different.  I have created an example file for you which does some of the basic things you said you needed.  There is a 'Pause' audio button and a 'Stop / Rewind' button.  You could use layers and experiment with other features like Pause Base Layer if your audio is on it but you want to view another layer, perhaps to display a question or interaction and need the audio to pause while it is displayed and restart the audio when the layer is hidden.  Equally, you can experiment with triggers, by say, rewinding back to a cue point, or a specific time on the timeline.  You could jump forward to a point in the audio doing that as well. 

Anyway, hope this gets you started.


Gregorio Billikopf

Very nice! I tested this out. I found icons to use for start and pause figures. I see yours are labeled as buttons, instead. Where are the buttons (my buttons show a very limited number of options, so obviously I am not looking in the right place).

How can I show an audio file where the timeline shows an advance in seconds or minutes:seconds? Thanks!


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