Audio cut off in Timeline, but not in preview

Mar 07, 2013

I've imported several cuts of audio, one per slide, into a project.  Each track gets cut off at the end when playing in the Timeline, and I can see the wave form is also cut off.  It seems quite consistent, maybe the last 1 second of each track is chopped in the Timeline.

But when previewing, the playback is fine and not cut off.  Weird and quite disconcerting.  Any ideas why this is happening, or how to make it not happen?

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Bruce Graham


This (in my experience) is more common that you would think - I get it all the time.

Usual solution is Save > Close > re-open, and it's all fine.

Almost like some audio-rendering problem, (if that is even a concept....)

I would have said 0.5 second cutoff

Hard to diagnose because if we send you the file it will work - seems to be one of those things that happens when you are actively working, I have never had it re-occur once a save has taken place.


steve carlson

I have had that happen many times with multiple slides in Storyline. Typically, though, it seems to be ok in the preview or when it is published. I always assumed it is some crazy glitch that did not really affect the end product. If ever I find it really irritating I do what Gordon mentioned and extend the length out on the slide.

Mary Ann Kowalczyk (Hagemann)

I agree with Steve Carlson.  This happened a few times in my timeline view.  I thought I had to re-record my audio, but when I previewed the slide, it sounded fine.  I also thought it was just a glitch.  Re-opening the file did not help me.  Again it was only a little bit cut off, but it would definitely not be acceptable if the end product was like that.   But the end product is fine, so I'm ok with it!

Payal Tandon

Actually I am facing similar issue - in the timeline view, the last few seconds of audio was truncated.  When I checked in the audio editor view, the entire audio file was present.  And the saving

  1. In the timeline view, the waveform shows as FLAT when actually there is audio playing. 
  2. After the audio in the timeline plays once, it circle through the timeline again - i mean the audio does not play again, but the playhead circles through the timeline one more time.

Such rendering of audio waveform in the timeline view is getting in the way of synchronizing the objects on the slide with the audio.

And I am yet to see if by turning the blind eye to the waveform and synchronizing the audio by just listening, will I get the desired published output.  I will try that and post my findings.

Kari Kells

This happens to my projects too, both while editing and also in the produced versions. I've never been able to fix it by just closing & opening the project again.

Unfortunately, my work-around is to constantly export the audio so when I encounter this problem I can re-import the audio. It does make it a real pain to synchronize objects.

Since this is a known bug, I hope the folks at Articulate are working on a patch.

(Re: known bug... See also discussions such as and and etc)

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