Audio does not resume when user resumes course in LMS

Jul 18, 2023

I have a course in Storyline 360 with slides including audio on each slide. Everything works when playing the course straight through in the LMS. However, if the user closes the course part way through, and then returns later to resume, the course starts from where they left off with video, but there is no audio. I can go to a previous slide and the audio starts back.

What is causing the audio to stop when resuming a course?

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Darin Fennell

I have not created any triggers for this course. I just published it to LMS. When I stop the course, my LMS tells me it is in progress. When I try to resume the course, I get:

If the training doesn't load, click here to open it.

I click the link and it resumes from where I left off (sans audio). The play button turns into the pause button since it starts playing automatically.

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

I have tested "always resume" with Storyline 3.77

  • on the first start (first slide has audio) -> big play button appears -> click -> audio is playing
  • stop the course on slide with audio
  • resume the course -> the big play button appears again -> click -> audio is playing

if there is no play or resume button before the slides with audio starts, the autoplay of audio is blocked by modern browser (until the first user click)

Which version of Storyline you have used to publish the course?



Chris Cole

We see the same issue.

We have Resume set to "Always resume" . If the learner leaves the module, then comes back into the module, you cannot hear the audio. If you click on the seekbar, or click a button on the screen, then the audio can be heard again.

If we change the Resume option to Prompt to Resume then audio works fine once you resume the module.  But if the option is set to "Always Resume" then the audio does not work until you click something on the screen.

We see this now in both Modern and Classic players. We see it in older modules that did not have a problem before.

My guess is it has to do with a change in Browser functionality that Articulate will need to address.