Puasing a certain animation in the timeline when pausing an audio


I am using Articulate 360.

I have in my slide several audios:

Audio 1: the main lesson, it is played when the slide starts and there is an animation on the timeline that goes with the audio

Audio 2,3,4....6: When I click any of these audio, I pause Audio 1 to play the clicked audio, until the user plays Audio 1 again. 

My problem is that the animation keeps going on the timeline, so when I resume Audio 1 the animation doesn't go with the audio.  I want to pause the timeline on the animation only, and resume it again when I resume Audio 1 .

When I pause the timeline when I click on Audio 2,3,4..etc.  The whole timeline freezes and I can't play any audio. 

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Mariam Hussien

Thank you for your reply.

The thing is that I have a play/pause button for Audio 1. When I click on other audios, I change the state of the button from pause to play so the user can click on it and resume Audio 1 again. So I can't put the other audios on another layer. because I won't be able to control the button.