Audio Edits Do Not Save

I have been using Articulate Storyline since Storyline 2.  Am currently working on an audio file that has required significant editing.  Until recently, no issues.

First - edit audio file and save -  When I saved the project (to secure the audio recording, primarily), it reverted to the unedited version.

Second - edit audio, save, and copy/paste audio into another slide - When I saved the project to secure the recording size, I copied the version I wanted to put into another slide, and it reverted to the unsaved version.  

Third - edited a large stretch of audio that needed to be broken into multiple slides (was editing out audio errors).  Saved the file.  Saved the project.  I duplicated the slide with the edited audio file so that file could be edited to fit the conversation per slide, and it revered to the unedited version.

This is getting extremely time-consuming.  Never had this issue with Storyline 2.


Thank you.  

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Crystal Horn

Hi Molly.  It sounds like some temporary version of that project is interfering with your edits.

I tested out these scenarios in my instance of Storyline 360.  My edits remained, even after duplicating and saving, and even reopening the project file.

Tell me about where you're saving your project files - locally on the C: drive, or do you use a shared or network drive?  Is this happening on more than one file?

If you'd like to attach your .story file, I'd like to run it through my machine too.