Audio files corrupting

Oct 10, 2016

Hi All-

I have a large SL2 file that I am working with that incorporates segments of video and audio with quizzes. (Currently the file is 312 MB). I am recording the voice over directly into SL2. The problem is, sometimes when I am in the middle of editing the audio, it becomes corrupted and I have to delete it and start over. (The audio sounds like there are two of me- scary! lol)

Any thoughts? SL2 has been very slow for me (the program is stored on my laptop, the files are on the network) so I'm wondering if it's my laptop or if I'm experiencing an issue that others have had.



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Ali Goulet

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for reaching out here! You'll want to make sure that you move or copy your files to your local drive before making edits in Storyline as described here. Working with files stored on a network drive can cause some erratic behavior and file corruption issues such as what you're describing. 

Hope that's helpful! :)

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