Audio from web objects playing out of sequence

I'm having an issue where audio from a web object video in one slide will play in another slide once another web object video is playing. This happens for some users and not others. Is there any way of forcing a web object to cease playing once you've left the slide? Perhaps someone has a piece of javascript that shuts a web object down once you click to progress to the next slide? I'm using Storyline 1.

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David Stafford

Hi Leslie, it's an issue for some users, and not others. Not all the developers have the issue either. I wonder is it something to do with the auto-load feature on the web object? If there was some javascript that could close/mute the current web object which I could link to the button that progresses the slide it would help me greatly, as I can't affect the web object through the SL triggers and my javascript skills are rudimentary.

I can't share the file sadly.

David Stafford

Hi Leslie,

I've attached a stripped down version of the story file here. The issue of the audio from one web object playing over another is evident here too, so hopefully you can see the issue on your side. If there was anything you could do within Storyline one's native controls to fix the issue I'd be most grateful.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello David - Thanks for sharing your .story file so that I could take a look.

I published the course to SCORM Cloud, but I did not hear any overlapping of web objects.

Do you experience the behavior in my published course? If so, let me know which browser you are utilizing, but if not, I'd follow up with your LMS team.