Audio Insert Running Very Slowly

Sep 13, 2023

Hello. We experienced an issue when trying to add audio to some of our Storyline360 files. The files that are slow tend to be larger. For example, the file I am currently working on is just under 200,000 KB. There are only about 40 slides, but it has a few videos and lots of images and most of the slides have two or three layers which contributes to the larger size.

When I try to upload audio on these larger files, I get a spin for a few seconds and then Storyline freezes for anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes. Then it comes back with the audio uploaded.

We have experienced this across multiple users/PCs and different internet connections. It only happens with some files. Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a way to avoid waiting 5 minutes per upload? We're considering starting a new file, uploading the audio, then copying the slides over from the existing file - but I'm hoping there is a more streamlined solution.

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Eric Santos

Hello Jonathan,

I'm sorry you're running into this issue with uploading audio files; I'm happy to help! We can start by checking if you're working on your local drive; working on a network drive can cause erratic behavior. If the problem still happens, try these steps to fix possible installation issues.

We'd be glad to investigate further if the problem persists. You may share the affected Storyline project and audio file here or privately in a support case so we can take a look at what factors cause it, including file size. We'll delete it when we're done testing.