Audio issue playing back Storyline 360 course in SuccessFactors mobile app

Apr 08, 2021

We're having a sporadic issue with select Storyline 360 courses while testing in the SuccessFactors (LMS) mobile app. The course audio will play through headphones, but will not play through the phone's speakers. When no headphones are connected, the audio doesn't play at all. This only happens with certain courses, but we haven't had any luck figuring out what's different for courses where the audio plays as expected.

Tested by multiple users in iOS on an iPhone XR. 

Has anyone experienced this issue? Any theories as to what might be causing it?

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Stephen Wilhite

Good call. I just tested one of the courses on my Android phone in Articulate Review, and the audio came out of my phone speakers as expected. Definitely an iOS/iPhone issue!

Incidentally, we did rule out this having anything to do with the SuccessFactors app. I tested the courses in SCORM Cloud and Articulate Review, and experienced the same issue on both of those sites (in the Chrome browser on iOS).