Audio issues

I am working in Storyline 2 and am having problems with audio. 1st, the audio is no longer recording, instead running numbers in the right hand corner when I click record.  Now, going back in after rebooting and refreshing, checking mic, etc I see my audio on slides but there is no sound.  Have I inadvertently "set" or "muted" something?  Cannot find where.


Help---have a huge deadline and am desperate for resolution.

Thanks for any suggestions


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Davine,

I'm not sure I'm entirely clear on your post, especially the part about running numbers? Like it looks like it's capturing audio based on time stamps but nothing is actually happening? You mentioned rebooting, but it may also be worth repairing Storyline. 

I see Christie also helped you out here and you mentioned recording with a USB headset, but did you look into the elements about working locally? Did you try with a different input method such as if your computer has a built in mic?  You may also want to review the troubleshooting steps here.