Audio overlapping issue while seeking in Storyline 360


I have been facing issue with audios imported in Storyline 360 slide. Audio sounds to be overlapping when i seek forward/backward the seek bar.

Just to inform i am importing more than 5 audios in a slide and the file type is mp3.

I was not facing such issue in storyline 3.

Also, i have compared the AICC output of both 3 and 360, in 360 the files generated is less than what it was produced in SL3 after publishing.  For example index_LMS.html file is missing in 360.


Does it has something to with this?

Please suggest.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Shalini,

Happy to help dive in! 

A couple of questions for you on the setup of the course: 

  • Does the slide contain triggers to stop the other audio files from playing? 
  • Do the audio files have spaces in between them on the Timeline?

If you can share your file with us, we're always more than happy to help! You can share files in this thread, or you're always welcome to share them privately here. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look!

Shalini Negi

Hi Vincent,

There is no trigger to stop the audio. Also, audio files have spaces of 1 sec between them in timeline.

What i have found that after updating my storyline 360 from version 34 to 40 and publishing my course for HTML5 (AICC), i have found that the seekbar of player is not working smooth and i have faced the audio overlapping issue and it sounds distorted when i quickly seek back and forth. Just to add to this, there are more than 10 audios inserted into timeline.

Also i have found that on hovering on seek bar it is not showing hand cursor which earlier it used to show.

Leslie McKerchie

Thank you for the additional information, Shalini. I appreciate you mentioning that you are using the latest update as well.

With your permission, I'd like you to share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

Shalini Negi

I am extremely sorry, i cannot share the package as it has ours clients data.

But, just to add to it i wanted to mention that it only happens when i have added n numbers of graphic, text and audio video elements in the timeline at a same time.

Also, i wanted to share you the AICC (HTML5) published output package screenshot to point out the difference between the 34 and 40 version of 360. If that make any sense.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Shalini,

I understand. I searched for any similar issues and tried to recreate the issue, but it sounds like it may be specific to your setup or design. 

We simplified the published output in Storyline 360 builds 3.35.20995.0 and later. When you publish HTML5-only or Flash-only courses, Storyline no longer generates these files in your published output:

• index_lms_flash.html
• index_lms_html5.html
• story_flash.html
• story_html5.html

You'll only see the files above when you publish courses with both HTML5 and Flash formats.