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Hi There,

I have a project where there are multiple voice recordings in the one slide, ie one on the base layer, and others in each different layer on the slide (the other layers  play their sound recordings automatically when a user presses a button).

At the moment the voice recordings from the different layers will stop and play the recording when the user clicks on the different buttons , but the base layer recording keeps playing until the recording has finished, rather than stop when the user presses a button goes to a different layer. which means there ends up being two voice recordings playing at the same time and overlapping. Is there a way I can get the sound recording to stop when any of the 8 buttons on the base layer are clicked (ie one of 8 other buttons/layers).

I note there are triggers that offer 'stop media' when... but ive tried a few different ways of doing it and nothing is working. I'd like to have it stop the media when the user clicks on any of the buttons... is there a way to do this or do I need to create a stop media trigger for every button separately?

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Donna Morvan

Hey Susan,

I have had to deal with this issue myself.

First of all, you do have to put a trigger to stop media for each button (I believe) so they don't overlap. You seem to be on the right path but if you find that this is not working, check the order of your triggers because it takes that into consideration. This was a hard lesson that I check it out.

The buttons should be able to stop the sound from the base layer if you did put a trigger on the buttons to stop the media.

As an additional tip, I got this from Jeanette Brooks;

"If you want to prevent the audio from playing if the slide has been completed before, there really isn't a feature for that but you could control this by creating a true/false variable for each slide, to monitor whether the audio has played completely. Check out this discussion thread where Brian explains how to do it:"

Hope this helps!