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Nov 28, 2013


We actually have an eL module inside of which there are 37 audio files. The size of these audio files in the compressed file ".zip" is between 25Ko to 113Ko.

The compressed file is bigger than 17Mo. However, we'd prefer a compressed file whose size is at most 10Mo.

Do you have any idea to reduce once again the audio files in the compressed file?

Thank you in advance!

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HH Alizon

Phil Mayor said:

You can reduce the quality o images, videos and audio when you publish but this may have a detrimental effect on the final file quality.

Why do you want the file under 10mb?  If it is an upload limit then these are arbitrary and can be increased

Thank you Phil,

I don't quite understand what you mean by "these are arbitary and can be increased". What are arbitatry and can be increased?

The objectif is not to have a big compressed folder, ideally under 10Mo.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi HH,

I'm not sure what Phil was referring to in the second part, but did want to point you to the information on how to change the quality settings when you're publishing for your audio, video, and images:

The Quality field allows you to control the compression settings Storyline uses for any audio, video, and pictures you've added to your course. The settings here default to whatever you used the last time you published a Storyline project. To change the quality settings, click the blue text and change any of the fields as noted below; then click OK.

  • Choose Standard if you want to use the default settings. If you mark this option, the values on the window revert back to their defaults (video quality of 5, audio bitrate of 48kbps, and image quality of 80%).
  • Choose Custom if you want to define your own quality settings. Then click and drag the slider on any of the three values to change the compression. Using higher values means higher-quality output, but also larger file sizes (which means longer download times). Lower values mean smaller file sizes and faster download times, but the visual and audio quality will be lower as well.

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