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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Missy and welcome to Heroes! 

Do you have your slides set to advance automatically, or by the user? You could try adding a trigger to "Stop media" when the timeline ends, if it's advancing automatically. If it's advancing by user, maybe a trigger for the "Next" button with the same function would work.

If that doesn't keep the audio from playing when you move to the next slide, are you able to share your project's .STORY file, so I can take a look?

Missy Scardina

Thanks Ashley. My slides are set to advance by user, but adding triggers to "Stop Media" when clicking the Next or Previous did not work.  I tried using .flv files instead of the .swf files and I did not have the same audio issues as I do with .swf files.

Since .swf files are not compatible with HTML5, and we have access to the .flv files, we've decided to use the .flv videos.

Thanks you so much for your help,