SWF and No Audio

Oct 11, 2012

I just built a large course with the last 9 slides with captivate swf; 1 per slide.  The course/title only plays audio for the first swf file on the first page.  It will play the animation on the subsequent slides, but no the audio.  All the interactions work and if I play these swfs in a IE 9 and / or in any other tool they play fine.  Does storyline not allow more than 1 swf per title?   They are only  a few MB's each and not very large.  Also, the triggers of pause and play from separate layers do not work either on any swf file.  I even tried importing them as swfs and as videos the result is all the same.  Ideas?

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Justin Grenier

Greetings, Paul.

A really great article to help you develop Flash movies that work properly in Storyline is located here.  I didn't hear you say anything that was specifically in violation of this article, but it's still a good and important read.

If nothing jumps out at you there, I would encourage you to submit a Support Case and include a copy of your .story file.  We'll take a look at your slides from our end and see if we can make any specific recommendations for resolving the problem.  Thanks!

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