Swf playing an FLV file

Apr 01, 2013

OK - this may seem a bit odd - but, I have the following situation.

I have 6 flv files that I play inside various swfs throughout my course.  The specific flv file to play is determined by an xml file (read in by the swf at its start).  

Stand alone these work fine.

When I bring the swfs into storyline and publish them - I also bring over the XML file as well as the video files. 

When storyline hits the first swf - the flv plays fine.  When it hits any of the other swfs - those do not play.

I put some debug code in there and it does fine the xml file and where the video files live, it just does not seem to want to actually play them.  

Switching the order of the swfs has no effect, still the first one will play fine but all subsequent ones will not play.

When I say play - I mean the actual flv file inside the swf.  The swf itself is playing - just not the video part of it.

This is running on a PC - no html5 or anything else strange like that.

Also - I need to play the flvs inside the swf due to some other animations relating to the flv, so just inserting the flv files into storyline is not an option.

Can anyone give any suggestions?

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Rob Verzera

Just to add a little more to this.  If I modify the swf and add a play button to manually play the FLV file, the first one will still play fine.

Others, when I click the play button will play the audio of the flv - just not the video.  Which tells me that it is finding the videos fine - it just having an issue rendering the video part of the file.

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