FLV converting to MP4 when publishing for Web

Jun 26, 2012


I did a screen recording in Storyline which works great when I preview it, however, when published for web, the MP4 file will not load/play.  I scoured the formum and found that I needed to convert the MP4 to FLV.   Mission accomplished - although I couldn't use the Articulate Video Encoder as it doesn't understand MP4 files.  The article I found said that MP4, FLV and SWF files will remain as they are but other file types will be converted to MP4.  When I republished however, Storyline converted the FLV file back to MP4, making the entire exercise a waste of time.  How can I get a screen recording to play on the web?  I need to have my customers review the course in the web version, however when I publish it for wider use it will be in an LMS.  Do I need to use an FLV file or will the MP4 work in the LMS? (Just trying to cover all of my bases at the same time...)

One other thing, when I click on the .html or .swf files, both play beautifully.  The problem getting them to work via a weblink.  Thanks for your help!

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Nancy Woinoski

Storyline converts all video to MP4 so I'm not sure where you read that you should convert it to FLV.

The reason the video might not be playing back when viewing from the web is that your web server may not have the MP4 mime type installed.

I'll dig around for a previous post that describes this in more detail.

Joyce Hensen

Thanks, Nancy. Unfortunately I don' thave rights to make any changes to any technology. (I can't even install my own Storyline upgrages) so changing the server won't work. Here's one article I read but I know there was another that mentions the way files are encoded. http://www.articulate.com/support/kb_article.php?product=st1&id=uhdvcicn0vvc.

D'Arcy Morrison

This seems to happen when you have a video inserted in a Slide Layer. If you encode your video to a FLV using an alpha channel (transparency), you should be okay.

See http://www.articulate.com/support/kb_article.php?product=st1&id=es3kzctg3aoq for how Storyline encodes your videos.

I use Adobe Media Encoder for converting video files, see http://blogs.adobe.com/premiereprotraining/2010/07/exporting_video_with_an_alpha.html for enabling transparency during the video conversion.

Aaron Fruth

If you are developing on a Windows machine, when you try to play the local Storyline output in a browser, Flash will prevent the FLV from playing for security measures. To fix this, I uploaded my Storyline output to a web server. If you don't have access to a testing server, you can set up one locally using WAMPserver


When I test the Storyline output in my WAMP server, the FLV plays fine. My bet is that Flash is blocking your FLV, so you'll need a server, either remote or local.

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