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Dec 13, 2012

I have a powerpoint with audio (basically a recorded webinar)  that I am trying to convert to an e-learning course.  I do have the audio as a separate file, but when I upload the audio into storyline, the audio file attaches itself to the first slide of the presentation, and will stop when I move to the next slide in the presentation.  How do I get the audio to match up with the slides, or is there not a way to do that?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Jamie Deuster

Thanks for the help Jeanette-your video made sense.  However, I have a 44 slide presentation and an hour long audio that I need to match up the audio and the slides to.  I did try and and do what the video suggested, but with the amount I have to do, it is going to take me a long time.  Is there another way that may be a bit quicker, or is what you showed me my best bet?  I think the part that takes the longest is having to replay the audio on each slide from the beginning to get to the part where I can crop it.  If there was an easier way to do that, I think that would be much quicker.  Again thanks for all the help you have provided so far! 

David Fair

Hi Jamie,

Here's a screencast demonstrating another way that might be quicker for you. It uses Articulate Presenter to break apart the original audio file in one pass. Then you can import the individual audio files into Storyline for each slide. If you don't have Articulate Presenter, you can download a free trial here.

I hope it helps!

Jamie Deuster

You screencast and suggestion was very helpful!  Now on to another question: If I realize that after I export the sound files to my storyline presentation that I need to edit one particular sound file, how do I export that one editied sound file back into my storyline presentation without exporting every single sound file?

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jamie,

Depending on the edit you need to make, it's possible that you can do it right in Storyline, without having to export/import any files. In your Storyline timeline, just double-click the sound object to open the audio in Storyline's audio editor. Check out this post if you need more specific guidance on using the audio editor.

If you would prefer to instead use a different program to make edits to your sound, you can export just the sound from a particular Storyline slide, make your edits, and then re-insert the edited sound. (To export a slide's audio from Storyline, just open the sound in Storyline's audio editor, then click the round "A" button in the upper left and choose Export). And then of course once you've inserted the edited sound onto your slide, you can delete the previous version of that sound. 

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