Audio Translation: How to replace several audios at the same time?

May 26, 2021

Hello guys, 

I need to find the quickest way to replace existing voice overs with their respective translation audio files. 

I know we can replace single audio files through the ribbon or the right-click menu, but that is a little bit slow. Is there a method to replace all the audios in a project? I have to replace audios for hundreds of slides. Doing it one by one would be troublesome. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Mustafa,

Thanks for reaching out! Using the Media Library, you can replace multiple instances of a single asset, but unfortunately, there's not a way to replace multiple audio files at the same time.

For now, you'll have to replace the audio in each slide individually. I hope that clarifies your question!

Joseph Ferraro

Found this thread after running into a similar (but different issue), I really need an easy way to batch replace a ton of files with a single action. In this case, for creating templating - I want to replace all of these with a single audio file, but you can't replace except by individual selection.

Additionally, while working in the Media Library, you can't replace files with ones already in the Media Library - you can from individual slide views, but this is really inefficient and adds hundreds of extra inputs to what is already very tedious manual process.