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May 13, 2014

I have a course into which I inserted audio for each slide as a .wav. It worked just fine initially and I have been going through slide by slide to sync up my audio with animation etc. Today my audio won't load, on the timeline it just says "Loading Audio", but it never loads. Again, it worked initially and the audio is working fine on all my other courses. If I delete the audio and re-insert it works, but I really don't want to have go back in and re-import audio on 70+ slides. Has anyone experienced this before and is there a fix, or do I really have to be in and re-import everything. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sara, I'm glad you reached out! I can help. ☺️

Thanks for letting me know that you're working locally--that's usually the first thing I ask. I've got a couple more questions to help me narrow this down:

Kjersti  Paulson

I am having this same issue. I loaded the audio via Storyline (using the mic) yesterday and now today none of it will play.  It just says loading audio.  I had it on my network drive but if I import it to a new storyline document then save to my C drive would that work?  Or do I need to remove the files first and re-record them after?

Thank you!!

Crystal Horn

Hey Daniel.  No freaking out - we're happy to help!!  It sounds like this behavior is happening in Preview.  Can you click on the audio and open the audio editor?  Does the audio play back there?  Do you see "loading audio" in the timeline?

Also, try importing one of those slides into a new Storyline file to see if the audio behaves differently there.  If so, bring all of the slides into a new file.

I'm happy to have a look at your .story file if you'd like to attach it here for privately for me.

Michael Staab

I can give you the reason in my case.  I assumed when you brought in an audio file it was then a part of your project when in reality it seems to reference the location right.  Well I was cleaning up my folders and dropped them in an Audio folder.  Any slide that I looked at after doing that the file was "not found" - when I moved them back to the original location and started over, they were still not found with the exception of those slides I never attempted to view.  So essentially I had to re-load audio for two scenes, and the remaining 3 found their audio.  I'm glad though that loading the audio file by double clicking on the missing one keeps your captions in place.

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for clarifying, Michael! 

I tried recreating the issue on my side, but I didn't have any luck. Here's a quick summary of what I did:

  • Insert MP3 audio file into Storyline 360.
  • Save and close Storyline file.
  • Move audio file to another folder on the local hard drive.
  • Reopen Storyline 360 file and test the audio.

Does that sound similar to what you did? I'll be standing by!

Michael Staab

Yes, that is pretty much what I did. If that wasn't the issue, I'm not sure how I started getting audio files back when I moved them back into the old location. Pure luck? I really thought that was the issue... Is the audio file imbedded in the project or referencing a location?

T h a n k s,
( m i k e )


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Michael,

Could you try to recreate this issue in a new file? Simply follow the same steps I shared, and let me know if you can replicate it. 

  • Insert MP3 audio file into a new Storyline 360 file.
  • Save and close Storyline file.
  • Move audio file to another folder on the local hard drive.
  • Reopen Storyline 360 file and test the audio.

By the way, replying via email includes your signature with contact information in the public forum.  Feel free to edit your reply here!

Rachel Crabtree

Also I always want to edit audio in Storyline, because the files are already there and it's easier as opposed to exporting the files to Audacity, editing, re-exporting, and re-importing them into Storyline.  However if it is more than a couple of audio files to edit in Storyline - I kick myself in regret every time.  The amount of crashes, constant saves, file lock by another process, crashes, etc. just isn't worth it.  Word to the wise~ 

Naicee Martin

So it has been 7 years since the initial post and this issue is still happening with no luck finding a solution. I've been coming back to this post for the past few months now hoping I'd get an answer. Ran into this same issue again this week and about pulled my hair out. I finally found a fix last night and wanted to share so in case anyone else stumbles on this post, here is what worked. Revert back to an older version of Storyline.  I only had to install back to the previous version and it worked! I got most of the audio files back to load again. I only had to add a few fresh files but I'll take it over having to do 60+ slides. I hope this helps other folks. It is a very frustrating issue to happen.