Audio won't load

I have a course into which I inserted audio for each slide as a .wav. It worked just fine initially and I have been going through slide by slide to sync up my audio with animation etc. Today my audio won't load, on the timeline it just says "Loading Audio", but it never loads. Again, it worked initially and the audio is working fine on all my other courses. If I delete the audio and re-insert it works, but I really don't want to have go back in and re-import audio on 70+ slides. Has anyone experienced this before and is there a fix, or do I really have to be in and re-import everything. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sara, I'm glad you reached out! I can help. ☺️

Thanks for letting me know that you're working locally--that's usually the first thing I ask. I've got a couple more questions to help me narrow this down:

Kjersti  Paulson

I am having this same issue. I loaded the audio via Storyline (using the mic) yesterday and now today none of it will play.  It just says loading audio.  I had it on my network drive but if I import it to a new storyline document then save to my C drive would that work?  Or do I need to remove the files first and re-record them after?

Thank you!!

Crystal Horn

Hey Daniel.  No freaking out - we're happy to help!!  It sounds like this behavior is happening in Preview.  Can you click on the audio and open the audio editor?  Does the audio play back there?  Do you see "loading audio" in the timeline?

Also, try importing one of those slides into a new Storyline file to see if the audio behaves differently there.  If so, bring all of the slides into a new file.

I'm happy to have a look at your .story file if you'd like to attach it here for privately for me.