Auto-numbered Quiz Questions

Mar 21, 2018

We are creating a quiz, with one question on each slide, and would like them to auto number. Microsoft Word does this with styles, but I have not been able to puzzle out how this is done in Storyline 3. Please help.

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John Morley

Thanks Wendy. A good and effective approach to a typical quiz. At the same time, we develop reviews that ask questions to reinforce knowledge. The scores are not recorded and to make them more effective learning tools, the learner is able to go back and forth among the questions. In this application, the question numbers would continue increasing whether the learner is going backwards or forwards, or jumping around to revisit questions.

It would be one thing if the system exposed the slide numbers as a variable (make the questions a scene so slides go from one to whatever) that could then appear on screen, but without this obviously needed feature, it's easier--and not all that time consuming--to just hard code the question numbers.

John Morley

Thanks Ashley, for making this another vote for a feature request. In the past, it was frustrating--not to mention poor customer service--to ask a customer who has obviously taken the time to log into this forum and state a need for a feature to be told they need to use a whole different process to enter an actual feature request; as if Articulate employees are just too busy to bother doing this for a customer.

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