Automatically jump to next scene when entering text in 'Try' mode without pressing enter


I am currently using the Storyline 2 demo and trying to assess how suitable it is for creating simulations of a new application staff at my organisation will be using. I have used screen recording and it works well but when in 'try' mode and simulating a screen where text entry is required from the user, it seems to want the learner to press 'Enter' after entering the text to trigger the next slide. This doesn't mirror the real-life situation (i.e. you don't press 'enter' after typing).

What do I need to do to make the 'try' scene progress to the next slide after they have typed, say 'abc123' without them having to press 'enter' afterwards?


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Bret Jorgensen

Hi Steve!

Here's how Articulate Storyline handles the Enter key in data-entry fields:

  • If the data-entry field is tall enough to accommodate more than one line of text, the Enter key will add a line break (return), so the learner can start a new paragraph.
  • If the data-entry field is only tall enough for a single line of text, the Enter key will assign the learner's response to the text field's variable. In other words, it'll submit the learner's response.

You can see additional information about how the enter key functions here

If you'd like to see different behavior, you'll want to request it as a feature request.

Hope this helps.

Jon DeGroot

Hey Steve,

This may not be the ideal approach but instead of pressing enter the user can just click outside of the text box to assign the text to the variable and trigger moving to the next slide. It sounds like your application jumps immediately after the specific text string is typed into the text box though is that correct? Unfortunately I don't believe there's a way to assign the text to the variable without at least clicking outside of the text input box. Could you share a short screen recording of this interaction taking place to see if we can replicate it as closely as possible?

Jon DeGroot

Steve Lawrence

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the response. I'm reluctant to place video of the system anywhere, but think of just a regular web form. You type some text in a field, maybe your name, and then you might click a 'submit' button. In the 'try mode' simulation in Storyline 2, after I enter the text it seems to need me to press enter before it will move to the next part which is to click the submit button.

I feel like there is probably a really simple solution to this that I'm not seeing!

Steve Lawrence

Hi Jon, that is kind of along the lines.

I've attached a cut-down copy of the project I was working on with just the two slides I'm confused about.

So the first slide is where the learner must enter a value into the 'value' field. If you hover your mouse over that field it will tell you the value to type.

In the actual system, after typing that the user would just then press 'submit' but the simulation won't allow them to click it until they've pressed enter on the simulation.

I'm also struggling with the fact that the typeface is too big for the text entry field. When editing the slide, if I click inside the box and change the font size to 8 it seems just fine, but it always defaults back to 19.

Really appreciate your help, Jon.

Steve Lawrence

Hi Jon

Thank you, how did you fix the font size?

The interaction is closer but I may not have explained properly. Currently, slide 1 asks for text to be entered, then slide 2 is where the 'search' button is clicked.

What I'd like is for it to progress to slide 2 as soon as the correct text has been entered into slide 1.

This will create the illusion of entering text and clicking the search button without any intermediary step. 

Jon DeGroot

Hey Steve,

So how about this. I added the hotspot to the search button on the first slide and set a trigger to display a try again if it's wrong or jump to the next slide if it's right. Then on the next slide I have the screen recording auto playing. I've attached the file to look at.

As for the font size I just selected the text box, changed the font to 8 and pressed enter. Hopefully it sticks for you! Otherwise there is a way to make the text box a bit bigger to accommodate the larger font.

Jon DeGroot