Automatically scroll to the bottom of a text box

I have a project. Learners get information. I want them to have a notebook that goes throughout the course. I created a tab that opens a layer. The layer has a text input (variable called notebook) in a scrolling panel. I have a trigger that sets the variable to the typed value when the text entry loses focus. 

This repeats on all slides, so the user can take notes as they go along. By the end of the course, I hope there will be quite a bit of text. 

The question: Is there a way for the variable to move to the bottom of the text entered upon opening? So when they open their notebook layer, they can start taking notes where they left off without manually scrolling?

At the end, is there a print variable function that I can use so they can print out their notes?

Thanks. I've attached one of 15 slides for an example. 


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