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Jan 25, 2016

We have a series of SCORM courses in which we let the user retake the assessment if failed. If wanting to retry, the user has to click a retake button which triggers "Reset Results" and goes back to the first question slide.

However, I have found that when it comes to actually getting statistics about a taken course from the backend (Moodle in this case) the calculated average score is taking in to account both the failed and passed results. E.g.

The course has 10 questions
First time around, the user got 5/10 correct the first time and chooses retake
On the second attempt, the user gets 10/10 correct passing the course
When it comes to checking the users score however, it shows up as 75% (15/20).

Off the top of my head, there are two ways to resolve this issue:
- Increment the actual attempt by one. I believe this "breaks" SCORM capability
- Reset the interactions object.

Please can you advise which route is the "proper" procedure and how to go about that.

Kind regards

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Charles Lin

Hi Christie and thanks for responding,

We have a seven year old learning platform (based on Moodle 1.9) which has been chugging along working quite correctly having used a homebrew CMS to create the SCORM packages used within various courses.

We recently switched over to Articulate to handle content creation but have noticed that learner scores are no longer being calculated correctly if retaking the assessment right after failing once.

Passing works as intended, only letting the user through if getting the correct number of questions correct in that instance but when it comes to backend storage the results are composed as a single attempt. Every question answered is logged (as expected) but the attempt is still #1 so a 10 question quiz ends up having it's average score calculated out of 20.

In a heartbeat, the attempt number is not being incremented and/or the score records aren't properly reset on the client. My original question rewritten:

- How do we increment the attempt number from within Articulate whilst maintaining the other tracking data integrity? In terms of the LMS, if we want to increment the attempt number it would only take using "newattempt" = "on" in either GET or POST parameters

- If the above is not the recommended approach, how do we properly clear the interactions records in order.

Please see an attached dataset in CSV format for an example of the stored records where the above issue has arisen. Please note that this SCORM module has a 10 question exam at the end and yet 20 questions have been recorded.

Kind regards
Simon Ball - Hubbis Developer

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