average slide length of an eLearning course

Hi everyone -

I realize that courses can vary in length, but we are looking for an average for a costing exercise. for example, what would the average slide length be for a "how to" course for new users using Salesforce or something similar? EG, setting up account, creating an opportunity, scheduling a sales rep, etc.?  We are looking at approx 35 slides. does that sound about right?


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Matthew Bibby

The slide length doesn't matter, it's what you do with it that counts.

There is no way to say when an average length for a course is. It depends on what you are trying to teach, who you are trying to teach it to, what they already know before starting the course and the way that you are going to teach them.

After you've build a dozen courses for your company, you could figure out your own average, but this data from other people will just be a guess.

Nicole Legault

Hi Rita!

I think Matthew's advice is spot-on. Impossible for an outsider to say how long your course "should be" without knowing the amount and type of content, as well as some basic info about your audience.

Other things will affect your slide count, such as, how interactive is your course? Will you use the screen recorder to create software sims (If yes, you can expect 1 slide per 1 click or action in a process)? Are you using a lot of layers (if yes, this may decrease total slide count, but you may also consider a "layer" to count as a slide. it depends)? Are you planning to incorporate any quizzing, if so, how many questions? These are all factors that will affect your slide count. 

In addition to that, when it comes to costing, you want to consider the level of interactivity you're creating in your courses. There's typically 3 levels of interactivity when it comes to e-learning (Get to Know the 3 Levels of E-Learning) and your cost of development will vary greatly according to whether it's a level 1 or level 3. Do  you know which level you are aiming for? If you're doing an interactive simulation with the screen recorder, that's much more involved in terms of development than a simple click-next with simple text and screenshots. 

Here's a few other resources to help you identify the cost of your course: Everything You Need to Know About Measuring and Showing the Value of Training