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Wendy Farmer

Hi Steve

see if the attached is calculating how you want.

you had some of the wrong variables in the triggers - i think getting confused with proactive and slider names.

When a slider is created SL auto calculates a variable called slider1, then slider2 which you can use in your triggers.

Steve Brimley

Thank you so much. Now for part 2. I have the 2nd slide displaying the result as another slider. But now a user can slide the slider and change the result. I really am going to want to have a chart with several groups of statements. Each group needs to be averaged, then displayed as a bar on the chart. Can I just have a shape change size based on the calculation?

Steve Brimley

I think I found a little cheat. I can have a rectangle with different sizes at different states (0, 10%, 20%, 30%, etc.) then display the correct state based on the variable. I didn't make 100 states, so that's why this is cheating. It will display state 30% if the variable is between 3-4. I think this is close enough. But maybe there is a better way?