Backing up Articulate projects saved in Parallels

Feb 03, 2018

Hi all,

First time posting. I've just set up a Parallel Desktop to run Articulate on my mac. I read that I should save the file to the virtual environment, not the Mac.

So how do I back it up? When I'm working on my Mac, I have all folders backing up to Dropbox, and I regularly back up to Time Machine on an external drive.

Thanks all

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rachel, welcome to the community! 

There are quite a few folks in this community who run Storyline on a Mac using a virtual machine, including our team! 

As long as your working file stays on the virtual machine, there isn't any problem with saving a backup copy to your Dropbox account. 

If you ever need to open the backup copy, be sure you move it to your Windows local hard drive first, then open the file.

Let me know if you have any questions about that!

Phil Mayor

I share my files across the Mac, Articulate do not recommend this, I build 100+ courses a year never had a problem in 7 years. My VM runs off an external SSD (via thunderbolt) with Dropbox on my Mac so is seen as a network drive. But thunderbolt latency is very low and shouldn't be an issue. I also have a time capsule that backs up everything (Except my VM) every 30 minutes.

I keep stable copies of my VM that I can swap back in if anything stops working for any reason.

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