Bad performance

Oct 16, 2019

Dear Community,

I have a problem with my Storyline 360 project.

It's quite big project(300 slides, 55 MB Storyfile with 12 Scenes).

It needs five minutes for saving, much longer for publishing and the result is very slow reacting (3-5 seconds for the next slide).

I'm tested it offline on "normal" Computers. It's an HTML5 Project.

What can I do get it faster?

Thanks for helping

Thomas Schmidt


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Chester Morales

Hey Thomas!

Sometimes, after doing a lot of editing, a file can get corrupted. Here are some of the stuff you can try:

  • Use "Save As" to create a new copy of the file
  • Import the entire project into a new/blank project
  • Recrete the project by importing parts into a new/blank project
  • If happening on a lot of projects, repair Storyline

I had projects with over 100MB and also encountered this problem from time to time.

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