Bad picture quality in storyline 360!

Hey folks,

I´m currently working on a project in storyline 360 and I have a massive issue with the picture quality.
I created a slider that controls my background image. The background is also a slider with a very wide landscape that scrolls when you use the first slider. 
The background ladscape is a JPG and while the original JPG has great quality, in storyline everything is blurred. Also when I publish it´s completely blurred.
Does anyone know how to solve that problem?

Thanks and merry xmas! ;)

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Lewin Abele

I think I found already one problem. My landscape-JPG is way bigger (wider) than my story properties. That´s because I want to scroll through the landscape with my slider. For some reason storyline fucks up the quality when a picture is bigger than the story screen. Is there a way to solve that problem?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lewin, 

It sounds like the images are being scaled once you insert into Storyline? If that's the case, that'll change how images appear and we have some best practices outlined here. 

If you're still running into trouble it would help to see the original JPG image and your .story file where you've added it. You can share those here in ELH or send along directly to our Support Team.

P.S. - I also wanted to point out our Community Guidelines, and ask if you could edit the language in your second response. Beneath your response, you'll find an Edit button and here’s a quick Peek video on how to edit a response. Thanks! 🙂