Bandwidth consumption for Storyline output files

Jan 27, 2016

Dear Awesome community members,

I enjoy syncing the audio narrations with specific text / animations so that learners only process one piece of information at a time. However, does using this "animation" function add to the overall file size of the final output file? i.e. Context of my question is that in a bandwidth constraint environment, downloading becomes a challenge. In other words, will "animations" make file size larger? I tested it and it appears same.

My second question is "does having animations suck up more bandwidth during a download?"

Thank you. 

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Benedict,

Technically "Yes", but no more than a few bytes of code, so the difference in size is negligible.

The real caveat (especially if viewing in native html5) would be lower end tablets and their memory limitations. I've witnessed more than a few of my earlier test projects break in Safari when going overboard with object animations.

Just my 2c,

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