Base Layer actions

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to make the base layer action a trigger when a layer is shown? I've got items on the base layer that I'd like to change when a layer is shown... for example, change the pose of a character, or move an object along a motion path. I'd like the option to do this on the base layer rather than have to reproduce them on the layer being displayed, as sometimes in quizzes for example, feedback boxes are over the top of items on the base layer, and I want to keep it that way, but move the base layer object out from underneath. 

To replicate this on the layer, I have to image the feedback boxes, and the item, and then hide the base layer item, with my copy replacing it, then put the duplicated feedback box over the original and make it fit etc... it's a real faff. 

If i could just run a trigger that said move the item long the motion path when layer 'x' is shown it would be much easier. Anyone know how to do this, or isn't it possible? 

Thanks :-) Paul.

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Brian Allen

Glad it helped Paul!

You probably could do this from the base layer if you really wanted to. If you created a T/F variable, with your animation triggered to happen when that variable value changes, then you could set up that trigger on the base layer and toggle the variable from any slide layer.