Base layer Audio repeat at the last slide of the post review, why?

Attached project testEL.story has 3 drag and drop slides with audio.
when preview the entire project, go through the 3 slides questions. At result slide hit the "post review” button, go through the slide 1 answer (no audio_, slide 2 answer (no audio), but at the last 3rd slide which should NOT has any audio at post review (since i didnt include audio at the post review for all the sides) BUT:
1. the 3rd slide post review page will repeat the audio of the 3rd slide base layer q3 slides.
Pls help solve the bug.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for including your file for me to test, Eleanor! I saw the same problem when I tested your file--the audio on slide 1.3 replayed during quiz review. Strange thing is, I'm not seeing anything in your file that would cause that to happen.

I see that you also opened a case, so I'm going to share my testing with our support engineers. They'll take a closer look and reach out as soon as possible!