Pausing Audio on "Review" Slide Layer

I'm using a Results slide and Post-Quiz Review layer in a course I've built. I've noticed that when I review the quiz (Click Review Quiz button on Results slide), the base layer audio for each question plays. I'd like to turn it off; however, it still playes even when I have "Pause timeline of base layer" ticked under the preferences panel for the the Review slide layer.

I've fiddled with will the settings under the Review layer, with no result. I have even tried inserting a "silent" audio clip in an attempt to override the base layer audio through Storyline's native functionality--both clips play.

Any ideas?

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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

In my experience it's hard to pause or avoid playing audio that begins with the timeline. Normally we can solve this by moving the audio a half second off the beginning of the timeline. This gives triggers and layers a little time to do their thing before the audio starts. The down side is that you could have issues with the audio playing in mobile safari.