Base layer flickering in HTML5 output

Aug 29, 2018

Hi heroes,

I have a few courses with only a few slides. Each slide contains several layers. Each layer contains a video.

When displaying a layer for the first time, I notice a short flickering of the base layer. When displaying again a layer, there is no flickering anymore.

The flickering is of the color of the base layer's background. On the base layer, I only have an audio file for the music to hear on all layers.

The issue occurs in the HTML5 output with both the classic and modern players.

I wanted to start a new conversation rather than continuing the old but useful conversation about Browser Screen Flashes Between Slides. I don't have any issue between slides but only between layers of each slide.

You can see the issue on a published example on Review and the related .story file is attached.

I have submitted a case to our fantastic Articulate engineers (#01507119).

Thanks :-)

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Philip Siwinski

Thanks for your support Alyssa, 

Anna could replicate the issue and logged it as a possible software bug.

I'm experimenting a workaround which consists of displaying an image with multiple states on the base layer. When a layer is displayed with a video playing on it, I trigger a state change of that image to display an image of the currently playing video's last frame.

When a trigger displays the next layer with a new video, the image flickers instead of the base layer's background color. So even if it's not perfect, the flickering seems to be less noticeable. 

Until the bug is confirmed and then fixed, would anyone have another idea for a possible workaround ? Thank you :)

Kim Sheppard

Hi, any update on this bug? I am getting a similar problem, I originally had the videos on separate layers but moved onto layers to help solve another problem. Now getting the screen flickering but when I am hiding a layer its flickering the starting frame of the video of the layer I have just hidden

Crystal Horn

Hi Kim.  The issue we identified here was a flickering of the base layer when showing a new layer with video, and it is still an open issue.  It happens the first time you view the new layer.

It sounds like you're seeing something a bit different, though.  When you hide the layer, it flickers the video starting frame instead.  Can you tell me a bit more about your setup?  I'm interested in what triggers you use to hide and show the layers, whether the video plays automatically, and what your layer properties are.

We'll see if we can reproduce what's happening and take some next steps!

FlexLearn Solutions

Hello, has this issue been resolved? I am having problems with the base layer flickering on top of videos, when publishing in HTML or SCORM 1.2 - but only when viewing the course via mobile phone (I have tried multiple devices). Some slides have videos on base layers, some slides have videos on other layers - doesn't make a difference. Flickering is happening regardless.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Andrea Koehntop

Hello FlexLearn Solutions, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! ✨

I apologize for the issues you are having with the base layer flickering on top of videos while viewing on a mobile device.

Did you see Lauren's solution on changing the setting in the layer? 

If that doesn't help resolve your issue, please open a support case with us to investigate further. We will delete your file from our records when troubleshooting is complete. 

Luciana Piazza

Thanks so much, Sandy! Glad to hear that Lauren's solution did the trick!

We appreciate you sharing this with the community for future reference! :)

If any other questions or suggestions come up, please feel free to share with the E-Learning Heroes Community or privately in a support case.

Happy developing!

Narasimha Raju

Hello Team, 

We are working on a project and it had multiple videos in the course. There are some videos that flicker and some that work perfectly.

Please refer to the attached file for a better understanding. Additionally, I tried adding video in to the slide layer (adding trigger to direct slide layer), but it didn't work.

Requested support from the team.