Base Layer "Hiding" is not working

Jan 19, 2017


Using Storyline 1, I have built a slide that has 5 buttons that launch a slide layer when each button is clicked.  In the slide layer properties I selected "hide other slide layers" as well as "hide objects on base layer". 

I've also checked the "base layer objects" on the timeline and they are all hidden.

When I preview the slide though and click the button to launch a slide layer, the buttons on the base layer slide still show on the slide layer but the other items on the base layer are hidden.

What else can I do to make sure these buttons hide when the slide layers are launched?

I've attached the base layer slide image, as well as the slide layer properties and the base layer objects from the timeline for your review. 

Any help you can offer would be great!

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Jack Schofield

Hi Kelly looks like the issue is with the trigger to change state to visited applied on each layer. When I deleted that trigger and made sure all the slide layer had high objects on base layer. I did not see the menu in the preview and because all your objects have states the button work just fine with out the trigger to change to visited as well. 

Eric Bybee

Thanks for uploading the file Kelly, it was helpful.  I have attached a revised version of your Story file.

You had a trigger for the 5 buttons on your slide that change the State to Visited when the user clicked the button.  Since Visited is one of the default (my term) States used with Buttons, you do not need this trigger.  When the user clicks the button the Visited state will happen without a trigger.  When you added the trigger, this was causing the buttons to remain with the layer that was called.  Removing these triggers fixed your issue.  Hope this helps.

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