Help with Audio Triggers

Apr 02, 2022



I've created a single slide "Main Screen" that has 15 image buttons on the screen.
Each button launches it's own layer. (Show layer 1 when user clicks button 1)
On that layer, I have a background image, the audio file, and corresponding button on the screen. Base layer objects are hidden. I have the following triggers:
- Play audio 1 when the timeline starts
- Play audio 1 when user clicks button 1 (meant to be a replay option)
- Hide this layer when user clicks background image

Slide Layer Properties
Hide other slide layers
Hide object on base layer
Hide slide layer when timeline finishes
Allow seeking no
Prevent user from clicking on base layer
When revisiting reset to initial state


The problem I'm running into is that I cannot get the media to replay unless it finishes. The trigger to play the audio when the button is clicked does nothing unless the audio is finished. If I hide the layer and return, it picks up where it left off. I'd rather not add additional buttons to stop and play, so I really just want the layer to truly reset, but it's not. I even tried hiding the layer when the timeline finishes, but even that just sits there idling and doesn't return to base layer.

Any advice on triggers I can try?

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