Replay audio when using layer to play/pause

Dec 14, 2012

I have a lightbox slide with narration on a slide layer.  The base layer has pause and play buttons that are hiding and showing the narration slide layer.  The narration layer is set to hide slide layer when timeline finishes and resume saved state when revisited in order to create the pause/play functionality.  This works fine but when the audio completes, I would like the user to have the option to replay the narration.  Since the layer is set to resume the saved state when finished and the saved state is that the timeline is complete, how do I get the timeline to reset so that the narration can replay?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Leslie,

This might be an overly-simplified suggestion, but if the users aren't required to listen to the narration a second time, you could simply give them an option to replay the narration by applying it to a button. You could create a button that says something like "Listen to it again", and trigger narration audio play when they click the button. They'd be able to listen to it as many times as they'd like and it's very quick to set this up.



Leslie Mallare

Hi Christine -- I'm using show/hide layer to play the audio because there are animations timed with it and if I use play/pause triggers, the audio is affected but the timeline still continues - in other words, the audio pauses but the animations don't.  Is there a way to trigger the start of a layer's timeline to override the "resume saved state when finished"?  

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