Audio Play Pause buttons seem to pause the timeline

Dec 18, 2015

I added a custom button for stop the media and one for play the media. 

Now the media won't play automatically unless the user clicks play. 

I added a trigger to play the media when the timeline starts, but now if they return to the slide the media starts over even if I set the Slide Properties to Resume Saved State. 

What I want to happen:

  • Media to automatically play
  • customized audio play/pause buttons
  • Don't replay the media when returning to the slide.

Any assistance would be great. Thanks.

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Christie Pollick

Hi , Anita -- Have you had an opportunity to take a look at this information on Working with the TImeline to set your audio to play when the timeline begins? And also, if you don't want the media to replay when a slide is revisited, couldn't you maybe set the Slide Properties to Resume Saved State as outlined below?

Determining How Slides Behave When Revisited

Storyline lets you decide how objects behave when learners revisit the same slide later. Choose from the following:

  • Resume saved state: Use this option if you want the slide to always remember its previous state. In other words, this option lets learners pick up where they left off when they leave the slide and come back to it later.
Anita Horsley

Hey Wendy,

I am trying to figure this action out for multiple answer text entry boxes. 

The answers are on the feedback layers but they are just numbers.
I watched this tutorial but it's not working for me:

But it's not working for me. Can you help?

Wendy Farmer

Check your triggers for correct and incorrect specially the AND and OR conditions.

For correct answer you want  AND condition because you want all those answers correctly entered.

For incorrect answer any one of the can be incorrect and it will make the whole answer incorrect so use the OR

Let me know if that doesn't work for you


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