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Jun 17, 2016

Hi all, I have a knowledge check that has 15 boxes. Of the 15, only 12 boxes are the correct answer.  Additionally, I've included a scale image that changes based on the number of boxes they select.

Check 4 boxes, go to the "Good" slide layer. 

Check 7 boxes, go to the "Better" slide layer

Check 10 boxes, go to the "Almost" slide layer

Check 12 boxes, go the "Ready slide, but ONLY if they haven't selected any of the 3 incorrect boxes.

They can choose the boxes in any order, and they can choose all 15. But unless they have selected the 12 correct boxes they should never get to the "Ready" slide layer.

Also, as they deselect boxes, the scale image goes back down. 

My problem is this: If they select any of the incorrect answers as part of their first 12, then go back and deselect those incorrect answers and select the correct answers, the 'Ready" layer still isn't shown. They should be able to select and deselect any of the answers, and once they get the correct combination and amount (12), the "Ready" layer should be shown.

It's like the deselecting of a checkbox (a state change) doesn't cause any of the triggers on the layer or base layer to refire. 

I've included the slide here. You'll notice that I have two variables displayed as part of my debugging. 

Any ideas how to fix this? I have tried many different variations and have run out of ideas.

Thank you, Gail

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Walt Hamilton


The trigger to show the ready layer only fires when the variable is changed, and deselecting a wrong answer does not change it.

These two triggers change it.

I'm sure there are much more elegant methods of doing this. but whenever the wrong answer is clicked, it announces that the variable is changing, without actually changing it.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Gail

I have reworked the slide and removed a lot of the triggers on the slide layers and moved the Ready trigger to the top of the trigger order.

It appears to be working as you wish.  I don't think you need the %layer% variable at all.

Here is a quick video of what I tested - I selected 12 including a few incorrect answers, then deselected those and selected correct and the ready layer displayed.

Also attached the updated story file

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