Base layer showing through

Apr 09, 2020

I have a slide with layers A and B. I've hidden objects on the base layer on layer A and layer B as the learner pages through them.

There is menu button in the upper left corner that sits on the slide master. When I click that menu button, the objects from the base layer display behind those on the current layer.  I've attached screen caps.

I think it has to do with the fact that the menu button is on the slide master, but I'm not sure how to fix that. Ideas, please?

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Carrie Eaton

Thanks, Walt. The properties of all layers are set to hide items on the base layer, but the learner needs to get to the menu, so I can't prevent clicking on the base. 

And it doesn't feel like the 'last layer to show is on top' because when layer A is displaying and the learner clicks the menu, the contents of layer A stay on top, and the base layer graphics come up BEHIND it. If the learner clicks the menu again, the menu and the graphics from the base layer disappear and layer A remains.

BUT I realized that I've had this problem before...about a year ago and actually you replied to my post at that time! ;-) So I looked back, and here is how that conversation ended....

"Regarding the bug I mentioned earlier where hidden base layer objects appear on slide layers when a Slide Master layer is also open, I'll keep you posted on our progress."

My solution at that time was to place a white box behind all the objects on each layer which covered the objects on the base layer. As I said at that time, that solution won't always work, and my current project is a good example....'Michael' extends down to the bottom of the slide under a semi-transparent bar so it can't be hidden. I guess my solution is to change the design of the screen, but I'm hoping someone on staff can give us an update on this bug?

Thanks for your help, Walt!

Carrie Eaton

Yeah, sadly, it's been a while. It seems like not being able to have a menu button on a slide master work with slide layers would have a significant impact on developers.

If anyone else has a work-around other than a shape in the background of all slide layers, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

Thanks, Leslie.

Maijon Gafitri

Hi Carrie

This was also frustrating last night until I found this way.

Here is the way that I used and hope this can help you too.

  1. Create a new layer, for example: tab_0
  2. Cut and paste all the contents of your base layer to tab_0. Leave the base layer blank so you don't need this to appear in the next layers right?
  3. Add trigger to base layer: "show layer tab_0 when the timeline starts on this slide"
  4. let's try the preview.


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Melissa.

We don't have any updates to share for this bug fix yet, but I'll be sure to come back when we have news, as this discussion is linked to the report.

Maijon shared a workaround above, to move the objects from the base layer to a slide layer, and Carrie's workaround is to add a white rectangle to hide the objects on the base layer.

If you have a .story file you can share, I'm sure others in the community can offer you specific suggestions for your scenario.