Hidden Base Layer Object Issue

Nov 08, 2017

I have been experiencing a strange issue in SL360 that I am hoping someone can assist me with. This issue resets every hidden object state that is normally done through the base layer object properties back to normal state when you are accessing a slide master layer. Unfortunately, after dealing with this issue for over 6 months, I have just been informed this appears to be normal behavior. So, in essence if you have a button on a slide master than leads to a slide master layer, any hidden objects in your base layer that were set to be hidden through base layer object properties, will no longer stay hidden as long you are accessing a slide master layer. What is also baffling is that the layer states themselves remain in their visited state while the base layer resets objects back to normal (even with the slide set to initial state in the slide properties). The only workaround is to manually re-hide these objects when accessing a slide master layer which is especially painful for multiple objects in groups and also because our courses are around 100 slides each that all use slide master layers. We also have over 100 courses that are impacted, so as you can imagine, this issue is a nightmare without an end in sight.

At first I thought the issue was related the complexity of our course design but I came up with a simple demonstration of the issue with just one slide, one master and one master layer. There are no variables and only a handful of triggers in the project. Please see attached .story file to preview it and let me know if you can make sense of what is going on. I appreciate any insights that the community can provide on this.

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Pano K.

Hi Alyssa,

Unfortunately, I haven't received a reply from Emily after I followed up last week for clarification to her response that this was "normal behavior." I had asked why it is considered normal behavior for the master layers to force object states on slide layers to switch from hidden to normal state. When I access a slide master layer, the states in the base layers will no longer remain hidden as set in the base layer object properties. 

As I indicated in my original post, this ticket is 6 months old and I'm still not clear on what exactly is going on. It is impacting a significant amount of our courses and forcing me to hide objects manually through triggers on every slide layer that includes hidden objects. As you can imagine, hiding objects grouped together in courses with 100+ slides is extremely time consuming.

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