Base layer timeline does not pause in accordance with appropriate triggers

Feb 22, 2022

Hello Articulate community,

Please see my attached slide.  I would like the viewer to press the "Blue button" on the base layer and view its associated layer ("Info layer") at any time during viewing of the base layer.  The base layer should pause when the viewer clicks the blue button and resume where it leaves off.

In practice, the base layer keeps going.  I am expecting to find the base layer exactly as I left it (e.g., I have intentionally clicked in the middle of an animation but when I return to the base layer it is clear to me that the animations have continued without pausing). 

Can you find the error here? 

Note: Layers 5 - 10 are currently inactive but I left them as-is in the event that they have something to do with the problem.



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Mary Michelini

Ah!  I did not think of checking the seekbar.  You are indeed right. I was expecting the animations to halt in their tracks as in a video.

As I puzzled through this it occurred to me to move the animations to the base layer for simplicity. I am not sure why I placed them on layers, but this was one of the first Storyline projects I worked on as a complete newb and I think that I was experimenting.

Anyway, thank you Phil!