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Good Day,

I am new to Articulate Storyline 2 - so these maybe the worst questions you read this year.

1.  I am having a consistent challenge switching between layers in the slide view.  I know to click on the box next to the layer's name, however it doesn't always work.  There are times when I have to exit the program to hide a layer and display another.  What I am doing wrong?

2. I am also having a problem with format painter.  I have watched the video several times - I can always see the small format printer paint brush however the states do not copy.

thank you very much-

Claire Flowers





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Preston Ruddell

Hello!  I can help you with the first item.  There are two ways that a layer can be "selected":  First, by the checkbox you mentioned and secondly by "selecting it" in the slide layers panel.  You cannot uncheck a layer that is highlighted blue.  Look at the image below:


Slide Layers

With this current selection, I would not be able to uncheck the "Second Layer" as it is the active layer (It's selected).  If I wanted to hide the second layer, I would have to "select" the base layer, then it would be possible to uncheck (hide) the second layer.

As for the format painter issues, I'm not sure without a bit more detail. If the shapes are similar, maybe it would be easier to copy/paste the shape?  Otherwise, I can't think of a reason why the states wouldn't copy over.


Hope this helps!


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Claire, 

We're glad to have you here - newbie questions and all. That's what it's all about. 

It looks like Preston has you covered for layers and as for the format painter, are you trying to paint states to another object, or within an object? Could you share a bit more about what you're looking to accomplish? 

claire Flowers

thank you so much Preston!


Yes, Ashley - it is when I try to use the format printer for states (I am using the interactive tabs video as a reference).  I click on the object - double check on object that I want to duplicate - double click on format printer then click on the object I want to change....then nothing happens


Preston Ruddell

Glad I could help Claire!  You know what a layer is... so you're already better off than I was when I started :)

To be sure... are you selecting the shape and using the format painter, or are you selecting the state and trying to use the formatting painter?  Format painter can "paint" the formatting of an object and all of it's states, but you cannot use format painter to "paint" a state alone.  Just checking, but when you attempt to format paint, if you look at the states pane you should see "Edit States".  If you see "Done Editing States" then you are currently editing states and format painter will not work. 

If you see "Edit States" on the States Pane then click the object on your slide with the desired formatting once, then click format painter once, then click the object on your slide that you would like to copy that formatting to.