Batch update modules

Oct 02, 2015

Does anyone know a fast way to batch update a bunch of modules (approx 100) with a single line of JS? 


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Steve Gannon


If you're asking if it's possible to programmatically update 100 JavaScript files, yes, it's possible. Since JavaScript (.js) files are plain text files, you could do this with a programming or scripting language. It would involve developing some code that would search through your published file sets, locate the .js file you want to edit, open that file, locate the position in the text to edit, implement the edit, and then save the file. This would be done in a recursive loop until no more of the targeted .js files can be found.

We used to do this type of thing all the time using Authorware. If you don't have programming or scripting language experience, you'll need to get some assistance. However, just using Windows Notepad and copy/paste functions, you could probably update the 100 files nearly as quickly as it would take to write the code, test it, and debug it.

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