Publishing Storyline 360 files

Sep 19, 2018


Google Chrome made an update this week that has stopped our clients from viewing  modules.  It broke the flash component.

I know there is a fix that can be applied to a clients computer but once he reboots the fix is gone and the same problem exists.

I know that I can republish all the modules for LMS using HTML Only setting.

The problem is there are at least a hundred files that I need to do this for which is quite time consuming.

Is there a way to batch publish files to HTML only?

Or is there even a better solution for our clients?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lana,

What Google Chrome update did they install? What happens when they try to play the content? Chrome started disabling Flash by default a bit ago, and as you noted it's an individual/user-specific browser setting (unless the organization has a master setting).  If you've published to include HTML5, and their browsers are no longer allowing Flash, it should be falling back to the HTML5 output. Read through that article for more information and ideas! 

One of the recent updates Google implemented was to prevent the auto playback of media, and we've implemented a fix in our latest updates and an Updater to help with previously published content. You can read about that here. 

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