Adding Custom Controls for Audio in an E-learning Course

Recently, one of our clients came to us with a requirement to control audio files in a slide.

Articulate Storyline does not have any default option to add audio controls(to play, pause, adjust volume, etc.)to aspecific slide. The only way in which this can be done is by using HTML code. Through this, we can add play, pause, control volume as well as Progress bar controls for audio files.

 In this post, I would like to share the steps to add controls for audio. See more 

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Cara Fox

I have a question...when inputting the name of the audio, if you recorded the audio within Storyline, do you have to export it and save it as a sound file first? If not, what do you use as the "name" of it? 


In this snip, this is what my recorded sound looks like in Storyline - so when writing the code, would I put in "full episode" or "recording" or something else? 

Cara Fox

So I exported the audio file, saved it as an mp3 file and created the html file as described but when I go to drop in the web object, it doesn't recognize it when I browse for it and I can't see how else to drop it in there. I have put in a case to try to find another way. This doesn't seem to be working. 


Christophe Mallard

Hi Cara, what you must do is create a folder (the name of it does not matter) and put both your audio file and your html file in it. When you are in Storyline, insert Web Object, browse your computer and select that folder. Please note that you cannot preview your Web Object. You must publish your project in order to see it work. Hope this helps.